Specialty chemicals for cleaning processes in the food industry

The industrial production of food is diverse. But whether milk, flour or beer are produced, sugar, yeast, starch or ethanol are used, one thing above all applies in production: It must be safe. In food production in particular, cleaning and cleanliness at every step are therefore strictly regulated worldwide. Thorough cleaning and maintenance of production equipment and vessels is critical. With the help of KEBO's specialty chemicals, production reliability can be increased in this way, energy consumption can be reduced and thus process costs can be saved.

Salt production

In the food industry, salt is used in a variety of ways. It not only serves as a flavor enhancer, but also plays an important role in preserving food or making cheese.

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Sugar production

Sugar production is a major global process in the food industry, an important sector of the economy that contributes to the supply of an essential food for the population.

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Potato processing

Potatoes play a central role in food production. There are more than 2,000 potato varieties worldwide, around 210 of which are approved in Germany. The popular tuber forms the basis of a variety of products such as chips, French fries or puree. 

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Starch production

Starch production is an important part of the food industry. Starch is used there primarily as a thickening agent.

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Yeast production

Yeast is a microorganism that plays an important role in various areas of food production. There yeast is used for a variety of purposes, primarily as a leavening agent in bread and pastries, but also in the production of food additives such as flavors and enzymes.

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Milk production

Around 900 million tons of milk are currently produced worldwide – far more than  half of which is cow's milk. Germany is one of the world's largest producers of cow's milk.

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Fermentation is a versatile process used in various areas of the food industry. Fermentation uses microorganisms such as bacteria, yeasts, or molds to break down or transform nutrients in food.

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The products shown on our website are only a selection of our entire product range. There is no universal remedy for the rapid removal of impurities. Some can be removed well with alkaline agents, others better in the acidic range. The large variety of conceivable cleaning problems and the large number of additives, inhibitors and ready-to-use cleaning solutions offered by us make it advisable to obtain detailed advice before starting cleaning.
The same applies to inhibitors, defoamers, scale preventers, corrosion inhibitors, pickling inhibitors, etc. Depending on the plant, material, product and the type of boiler/cooling water is used, different individual challenges arise. We are well equipped for them.

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On request, we can analyze deposits in our laboratory and develop a cleaning strategy based on our many years of experience, taking into account the conditions on site.

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