For decolourizing of massecuites at sugar crystallization as well as the sugar crystal related hereto (sugar boiling).


    • A high-power reducing agent based on a selected sulfurous compound (sodium hydrosulfite).
    • The decolourizing of the massecuites is due to the reduction of chromophoric groups of sugar by-products.
    • KEBO COLOUR EX decomposes slowly at access of moisture and heat (please refer to remarks "Handling“).

    Dosing, Addition

    Depending on the colour intensity of the massecuites 10 to max. 50 ppm (g/m3) are added. 
    This would mean for a strike of 50 tons a quantity of 0.5 to max. 2.5 kg KEBO COLOUR EX is needed.


        • At access of heat and moisture decomposition takes place by formation of SO2 gas and development of heat. For this reason KEBO COLOUR EX must be protected against moisture and heat.
        • Opened drums have to be well closed again. If a drum catches fire it has to be sorted out and opened to avoid a dynamic pressure.
        • The contents of the drum has to be covered with sand. We recommend CO2 (carbonic acid gas) and powdery extinguishing agents.
        • In case lumps are discovered these have to be immediately eliminated by means of a coarse-meshed screen and sunk into water.
        • When handling KEBO COLOUR EX protective goggles and gloves must be worn. Skin and mucous membrane which have come into contact with KEBO COLOUR EX have to be thoroughly rinsed with water.

            Technical data

            Description:white powder
            Bulk density (kg/m3):ca. 750 - 850
            pH-Value of the5 % aqueous solution: 5.5 – 8.5
            Solubility in water (g/l at 20°C): approx. 250
            Decomposition temperature:higher than 100°C


            steel drums:110 kg


            When being stored in dry rooms the product can be stored for one year in original package.

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