For the protection of metallic materials during the chemical cleaning with hydrofluoric acid and its mixtures with organic acids as well as acid salts of the EDTA (ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid) at temperatures up to 80°C (for aminosulfonic acid only up to max. 60°C).


    • Contains a combination of specifically acting inhibitors and specific surfactants with high wetting properties. Consequently a uniform distribution in the acid as well as a quick wetting of the surfaces to be cleaned is ensured.
    • Is suitable for formic, citric and amidosulfonic acid.
    • Does not affect the dissolution of scale as well as rolling and annealing scale.
    • Inhibits the corrosion of all metallic materials which are present in the boiler and apparatus construction on the basis of iron and copper.
    • The maximum working temperature is 80°C (for aminosulfonic acid only up to max. 60°C).

    Dosing, Addition

    In general the dosing rate amounts to 2 kg LITHSOLVENT 803 per m³ cleaning solution the concentration of which in general varies from 30 to 100 g/l acid.
    For postpicklings with citric acid we recommend a product concentration of 2 kg LITHSOLVENT 803 per m3 cleaning solution.

      It is recommended to prepare the cleaning solution in a separate preparation tank and then to fill it into the system. Always dilute the acid at first and then add LITHSOLVENT 803.
        Due to the lack of storage stability of LITHSOLVENT 803 in concentrated acids, the product is not appropriate for the preparation of inhibited parent acids.
          The duration of action of the inhibited acid on the materials should not essentially exceed 6 hours.
            After cleaning the apparatus and equipment must be thoroughly rinsed with water.

              Technical data

              Description:yellowish liquid
              Density at 25°C (g/cm3):approx. 1
              pH-Value (10 g/l water):3.0 – 6.5
              Solubility in water:miscible


              PE-cans:     30 kg
              PE-cans:     60 kg
              PE-barrels:   200 kg
              Containers: 1000 kg


              In closed original packages LITHSOLVENT 803 is storable for at least two years at temperatures
              above 5°C. In case of frost sedimentation is possible!

                Notes. References

                In case of proper application LITHSOLVENT 803 complies with the requirements of the German Food and Feed Code (LFGB, revised version by announcement of 15.09.2021).
                  Halal certification number: C-790-60-16-XXX
                  Kosher Certification No.: 81173637, company number: 0351

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