A formulation of alkaline reacting compounds used as neutralizing and passivating agents in rinsing baths after pickling steels.


    • Contains components that neutralize the acid residues remaining on the material surface from the pickling process.

      • Additionally causes the formation of a thin, firmly adhering passive layer which gives the steel surface temporary corrosion protection. This prevents rusting of the workpieces during storage for a certain time.

      Dosing, Addition

      Depending on the intended use, the neutralization baths are run with concentrations of 2 - 10 kg/m3 NEUTRACID P 60. Water with as little salt as possible - e.g. condensate - should be used for the preparation.

        Technical data

        Description:white powder
        Bulk weight:approx. 800 kg/m3 
        pH-Value (100 g/l water):approx. 13
        Solubility in water: (25°C):approx. 100 g/l


        in sacks:25 kg  


        NEUTRACID P 60 can be stored for at least 6 months in sealed original containers.
        Protect from moisture. Keep containers closed.

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