Effective scale preventers for maximum plant performance and energy efficiency

Scales hinder heat transfer and significantly reduce the efficiency of the system. Regular use of our KEBO cleaners and inhibitors can prevent costly downtime and protect equipment. Proper cleaning increases the economic efficiency of the plant, reduces maintenance costs, extends its life cycle, and ensures improved operational reliability.

Our scale preventers make a decisive contribution to continuous and energy-efficient production in various industries such as sugar production, the pulp and paper industry, and in salt works during salt production. They ensure that deposit-forming salts such as calcium salts are stabilized in the solution and facilitate the cleaning of existing deposits.

    • For deposit prevention in service water systems and open recooling systems, we recommend: KEBOPLEX 138. This is a hardness stabilizer and dispersant for water with high sulfate and carbonate content in the pH range of 6.5 to 10
    • For the pulp and paper industry, we offer our highly effective scaling inhibitor and dispersant KEBOPLEX 105.
    • For applications with high alkalinity and salt content, we recommend our KEBO DSP II.
    • In evaporator stations of the food industry, our KEBO DS has proven itself.

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    The products shown on our website are only a selection of our entire product range. There is no universal remedy for the rapid removal of impurities. Some can be removed well with alkaline agents, others better in the acidic range. The large variety of conceivable cleaning problems and the large number of additives, inhibitors and ready-to-use cleaning solutions offered by us make it advisable to obtain detailed advice before starting cleaning.
    The same applies to inhibitors, defoamers, scale preventers, corrosion inhibitors, pickling inhibitors, etc. Depending on the plant, material, product and the type of boiler/cooling water is used, different individual challenges arise. We are well equipped for them.

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    On request, we can analyze deposits in our laboratory and develop a cleaning strategy based on our many years of experience, taking into account the conditions on site.

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