A highly efficient inhibitor formulation for the protection of metal materials during the chemical cleaning or pickling with hydrochloric acid and mixtures of hydrochloric acid/hydrofluoric acid at temperatures up to 90°C.


    • A quick wetting of the surfaces to be cleaned (contains a combination of specifically acting inhibitors and special surfactants with a high wetting effect).
    • The dissolution of deposits and mill scales is not affected by LITHSOLVENT EB.
    • It is particularly remarkable that LITHSOLVENT EB is able to reduce the diffusion of hydrogen into the steel to a minimum thus avoiding the acid embrittlement (compare DRAHT, 7.35/38. 1956).

    Dosing, Addition

    In general the dosing rate amounts to 2.5 kg LITHSOLVENT EB /m3 diluted cleaning or pickling acid (3-10 %) considering a proportion volume/surface of max. 1:50, i.e. 50 m² of surface should be touched by at least 1 m³ solution volume. In case of larger surfaces the inhibitor quantity must be proportionally increased and amounts e.g. at a proportion of 1:100 to approx. 5 kg LITHSOLVENT EB/m³.

      Prior to the additon to the diluted acid LITHSOLVENT EB has to be stirred up into the water in the ratio 1:2 and well agitated. The inhibitor should not be added into the concentrated acid as otherwise lumps are being formed.
        The duration of action of the inhibited acid on the materials should not exceed 6 hours,
        at boiling temperature not 2 hours.
          After cleaning the plant and apparatus should be carefully rinsed with water until they are free from acid.

            Technical data

            Description:colorless to yellowish, finely ground powder
            pH-Value (1 g/l water):approx. 7
            Bulk density in kg/m3:approx. 1000


            PE-drums:100 kg


            In closed original packages LITHSOLVENT EB is storable for at least two years. Protect from humidity and frost. After use immediately close open drums.

              Notes. References

              In case of proper application LITHSOLVENT EB complies with the requirements of the German Food and Feed Code (LFGB, revised version by announcement of 15.09.2021).
                Halal certification number: C-790-60-16-XXX
                Kosher Certification No.: 81173637, company number: 0351

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