A compound of oxygen scavengers and volatile alkalizing agents.


    • The amines contained in KEBOMIN S are ideal corrosion inhibitors in the steam and condensate system owing to their special physical properties.
    • At high temperatures the distribution coefficient (concentration ratio between steam and water phase) approaches 1, i.e. that the concentration of the alkalizing agent is nearly the same at all points of the boiler water steam system.
    • At falling temperature the distribution coefficient diminuates, i.e. at condensation processes the amines quickly change from the steam into the water phase and protect the material by increasing the alkalinity at the heat exchanger surfaces.

    Dosing, Addition

    The dosing rates depend on the prevailing local conditions resp. parameters and should be determined in cooperation with our Department for Application Technique.
      We recommend to maintain the following parameters:
        1. excess of approx. 15 mg/l sodium sulfite in the boiler water
        2. alkalinity of the condensate with a pH-value: 8 - 9

          Technical data

          Description:colorless to yellowish liquid
          Density at 25°C (g/cm3):approx. 1.1
          pH-Value (tel quel):approx. 7
          Solubility in water:miscible


          PE-cans:     30 kg
          PE-barrels:   200 kg
          Containers: 1000 kg


          In closed original packages KEBOMIN S is storable for at least 2 years.
          Protect from temperatures below -10°C.

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